The realization of environment is discovered through creating. For me, all energy becomes tangible through art.

As a Stylist Assistant I help create interesting little moments. These are excerpts of day dreams and quick thoughts that become reality through the use of props and wardrobe. Made to believe. 

I am mostly inspired by travel, worn surfaces, mountains, found color schemes, and good people. Through investigations (making) I discover newness. Fresh shapes, an alternative view, empty space, and confusion are all welcome here. Thinking and feeling lead to creating. Art grounds me and allows me to meet the universe with openness. 


Living in San Francisco 



2010  B.F.A. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

2009  Ox-Bow Paper Making Studies, Saugatuck, MI

2008  A.F.A. Florissant Valley Community College, Saint Louis, MO

2006  New York Study, Via Florissant Valley Community College, Saint Louis, MO


2014  Leah Ball, Jewelry Designer, Artist Portrait Feature

2010  Hand Papermaking Magazine, Winter 2010, Vol 25, #2

2007  Un-hatched, Saint Louis Community College, MO


2010  SAIC Final Statement, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago,IL

2010  Woman in Progress, Saint Louis, MO

2009  Ano Viejo, Tom Robinson Gallery, Chicago, IL

2008  Sprung, Art Co-op, Saint Louis, MO

2007  Previously Un-disclosed, Frisco Café, Saint Louis, MO


2014  Wardrobe Styling Assistant to Gillian Christie, San Francisco, CA

2014 Prop Styling Assistant to Gena Sigala, Jody Kennedy, Claire Mack, Emma Star Jensen, San Francisco, CA

Interior Fabrications

2012  Trenchermen, Kevin Heisner, Chicago, IL

2013  Revel Room, Kevin Heisner, Chicago, IL